Intensive Day Treatment

Intensive Day Treatment

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This product is only available under doctor's recommendation:

This cream plays an important part in your home skin care program. When beginning to use this product, the patient should begin by applying very little for 2-3 nights per week and gradually build up in frequency. It has multiple active ingredients that will:

i)    Exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the cells turn over. 
ii)   Control and regularise pigment production so it lightens and bends the skin tone. 
iii)  Minimise wrinkles, will visibly enhance the health and healthy appearance of the skin.

This night cream is the state of the art, a compound formulating cream to correct the defects , lightening the hyperpigmentation and stimulating the function of the skin. Using this product regularly every night will treat and maintain your skin and create a healthy glow, making your skin younger and fresher.

Use at night or as recommended by your doctor. Use after the Nuevo Accelerating Cleansing Milk. This unique cream is very effective. Use very little at night to build your tolerance to the active ingredients.

Water, Alpha Beta hydroxy acids in maximum active ratio, Hydroquinone, Vitamin A palmitate, propylene glycol blend in elegant moisturiser with liposome absorption base.