Acne is a condition that affects 85% of all people sometime in their life. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that by the mid-teen age, more than 40% of adolescents have acne or acne scarring which require treatment by a dermatologist. It is a disease that causes pimples, deep lumps (cysts & nodules) and plugged pores (white heads and black heads often appearing on the face, neck, back, shoulders & upper arms. Apart from its effects on skin health, acne is often also directly related with mental health problems such as reduced self esteem and can even lead to depression in extreme cases. 

  Adult Acne and teen Acne . 

There is no major difference in the skin breakouts  of teens and adults. However teen acne is associated more often with extremely oily skin. Adult acne can occur with combination skin type. Combination skin types have zones of oily and dry skin  The T zone of the face (forehead, nose , and chin) is usually oily while dry elsewhere  . The oily areas are susceptible to the formation of acne . Daily care must be given to oily areas of the skin.

Acne has 3 main causes: 


1) Over Production of oil (sebum) by enlarged sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin

2) Obstructions of the hair follicles which inhibit the release of the sebum. 

3) Growth of bacteria called P. Acnes in the hair follicles leading to inflammation

A blemish forms when sebum (oil) secreted form sebaceous glands mix with dead skin cells and form blockage in hair follicles. Acne can cause different types of blemishes. There are types of blemishes: black heads, white heads and pustules.

A black head results when dead skin cells and sebum block a hair follicle near the surface of the skin . The mixture of pigment (the protein) that gave its skin colour from dead skin cells and sebum makes the blemish dark .

A white head occurs when a plug of sebum (oil) blocks hair follicle deeper in the skin. White heads and blackheads can develop into pustule . Pustules that are near the surface of the skin usually break and disappear quickly. However , deeper, larger, pustule require treatment by a dermatologist .

The basic treatment of adult acne is same as for teen age acne. 


OPEN COMEDO (blackhead)

The opening to the hair follicle remains open but is blocked by a dark plug of oil and skin cells 

open comedo (blackhead acne)

CLOSED COMEDO (whitehead) 

A white head occurs when the orifice to the hair follicle is closed off and the hair follicle fills with oil and skin cells

closed comedo (whitehead acne)


The pimple-like swelling contains pus

pustule acne

NODULAR (deep acne)

These boil-like lesions form when the inflamed hair follicle ruptures. Scarring usually results from these nodules

deep acne






Our Nuevo Acne System treats acne prone skin in many different steps targeting the sources of acne formation.

The steps include: 

1) Reduce Colonial Acne Bacteria (P.Acnes): by including powerful anti-bacterial ingredients such as Triclosan 

2) Clear Poresby resurfacing of the skin with active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Resorcinol. 

3) Reduce Inflammation: by including potent anti-inflammatory ingredients such as the naturally occuring witch hazel extract

4) Reduction of Sebum Production: By the use of powerful retinoids such as Retinoic Acid or Retinol. 



Superficial and medium depth peels could be an effective treatment option for people with mild to moderate acne

TCA superficial peel   which produce injury limited to the epidermis are effective for mild to moderate acne, In darker skin types, superficial peels are safe and effective in reducing papule, pustule, and comedones .This chemical peel  will remove the excess oil and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which causes the blockage in hair follicles that results breakout 

Medium depth peels which produce injury into or through the papillary dermis can be used to treat acne scarring. 

 Exfol TCA chemical peel can be done at home or at the clinic every 2 weeks for 4 sessions .and star using the Nuevo Acne set . The result with smoother and clearer skin after few months 

  • Do not over scrub your face with harsh soaps because they irritate you skin and make acne worst. 
  • You should never squeeze a black head or pimple because you may push them deeper into the skin . This cause a breakage in the skin which could then lead to inflammation and this can cause your skin to increase its pigment production and replace pimple with a permanent dark spot

AM:        Exfoliating cleansing Milk (Exfoliating dead skin cells) 

              Daily Effective Resurfacing (Anti-bacteria ,exfoliating to smooth roughened skin 

              Sunscreen SPF50 (maximum protection with Antioxidant ) 

          Total Rejuvenating 35+ (HYDRATION and soothing) Apply before Daily effective resurfacing and Night intensive treatment  

PM:          Exfoliating cleansing Milk 

                 Intensive Night treatment ( Promoting regenerating of collagen and Elastin.  Help minimize acne and pimple . Decrease sebum production 


At Nuevo Skin Health, we recognise that this can be a very sensitive problem for many people. Our clinicians are experienced and can help customize a treatment plan that suits you. Our private consultation sessions are free and will inform you of our treatment system which is guaranteed to help treat acne prone skin. 


acne skin