Skin Information


As the skin ages , it loses elasticity and resiliency. This loss of elasticity and resiliency is caused by a decrease in  the production of two major skin proteins, elastin and collagen . When there is a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin by skin cells, the skin wrinkles and sags 

Renew the skin by superficial light chemical  peel by removal of the damaged layers of the skin . 

This initiates a response of skin rebuilding, the result of which causes the skin to appear healthier,   improve the texture and radiance , pore size , pigmentation irregularities , acne scar and appearance of fine coarse lines due to accumulated sun damage.

 This type of skin renewal can be accomplished without the cell toxicity or complications associated with chemical peels of the past .

The Nuevo derma therapeutic system of skin rejuvenation is unique targeted technique for skin renewal based on specifically formulated . We are developed ,modified and trained to use this unique Skin rejuvenation over the last 40 years with 

  • Excellent result 
  • Simple
  • Safe and virtually no complications

There are 2 stages to treat Pigmentation 


Depending on the skin type , TCA superficial chemical peel (Exfol Peel) is used once every 2 weeks for 4 sessions . It can be done at home (look for instruction for Exfol peel) 

The products is used during this period ; 

AM: Exfoliating Cleansing milk 

        Total rejuvenation. 35+ (contain Hyaluronic acid , to sooth the skin)  

         Hydrating Lightening. (bleaching )   

        Moisturiser Sunscreen SPF 50 

PM : Exfoliating cleansing Milk 

       Total rejuvenating 35+ or Soothing Moisturiser 

       Night intensive repair 


After 16-20 weeks the skin is most likely with much better result , the colour is blending , the textures is much improved , skin look fresher , younger and healthier 

AM: Cleansing Milk 

        Day protection 

        Hydrating Lightening (twice a week only ) 

        Moisturiser sunscreen SPF 50 

PM:  Cleansing milk 

        Night intensive repair. Or Effective night repair , or Silky white (depending on  skin type.   needed )