Before Treatment of Exfol Peel

Once you decide to have Exfol peel treatment , be sure that your skin is treated with care. Leads to maximizeof results and minimize discomfort during the rejuvenation process .

For best results: Avoid the following procedures during and a week before the Exfol Peel treatment :

  • No electrolysis
  • No waxing or Hair removal Laser treatment

In addition during consultation, ensure you discuss any medication you are using and previous history of:

  • Sun photo sensitivity
  • Skin conditions
  • Drug allergies g. salicylate. Asthma…
  • Plastic, cosmetic or dermatologic surgery
  • Skin peel, laser or skin resurfacing or any kind
  • For better result, quicker recovery and minimize Suggest to use of Exfol peel after cleansing the skin and drying with towel as follow:

Exfol Peel Pack

 Peel pack 1 : Wear gloves , cut the pack  1 and remove the cotton pad with peel solution , press and dry the solution from the pad back into the bag to avoid dripping , clean around the face ,  eyes , neck .. Wait for 20mn before apply pack 2

Peel pack 2 : Use the same as Pack 1 , apply evenly all over the face and leave for 15mn , then reapply again until the pad completely dried and leave at least 3 hours or longer if prefer before wash away with water .. After apply Pack 2 you will feel tingling, the fan will ease the discomfort for about 10mn …. Your skin may be with pinky look immediately following the procedure, then cool down after


After 3 hours wash the skin with water and pat dry. Start using the Nuevo home care. It is very common to see the skin darker until the dead skin peeled off after 3-4 days, do not pick and allow the dead skin peeled off by itself. After these crusts peeled off your skin slightly pink and the normal skin color should be returned.

Repeat the same procedure once every 2 weeks until finish all 4 sets of peel pack (within 2 months)

Apply Nuevo Pigmentation set as instruction for the first 2 months, the skin will be smoother, and  brighter with clear complexion