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Reduce hair loss and assist in the generation of hair bulbs whilst also relieving itchiness and flakiness of the scalp with Nuevo's Hair Lotion. This amazing product was developed as a result of long-term clinical experience and modern biotechnology. 

Concentrated for Hair & Scalp:

  • Reduces hair falling out
  • Helps the regeneration of hair bulbs
  • Relieves itchiness and flaky scalp

Hair Lotion Expected Results:

  • Increase in Hair Growth Rate
  • Likely to promote  the duration of Anagen phase
  • Promote the rejuvenation of the scalp by increasing blood supply

    As the Nuevo Hair Lotion contains Enhancing Moisturiser, this will work effectively with minimal scalp irritation.

    Usage: Massage onto scalp once per day after shampooing.

    Ingredients: Minoxidil, Vitamin Paddy extract, Green tea extract, Antioxidant, Biotin, Bepanthene and moisturising enhancer.


     Note to orders outside of Australia:

    If you would like to order our Hair Lotion product, please email to discuss prior to ordering. In some cases we cannot automate the ordering process to include the Hair Lotion product due to Australian Custom regulations.