Daily Effective Resurfacing

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This product provides maximum benefits for moderate to severe acne conditions . Also uses as daily resurfacing to accelerate the absorption of other Nuevo products . It combines maximum effective ratio Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid. A very effective combination to help control acne . Regular use helps keep pores and follicles opened so pustules do not form 

Its natural antiseptic action reduces bacteria that promote acne and it assists in the removal of oils from the skin 

Nuevo Daily Effective Resurfacing has been developed to be used as a rejuvenation and renewal treatment for skin cells. It is very gentle and should be used daily. This cream is great to maximise the Nuevo clinical treatments to speed up recovery time or just on its own.

Use daily either in the morning or before bedtime in the evening. Apply specifically on the facial skin, massaging gently all over. Then rinse with warm water. 

Active ingredients
Water, saliyic acid, lactic acid, powerful antioxidant ascorbic acid, tocopherol acetate, propylene glycol, ethoanol, phosptidime, chloro-dimethaninecomo, cyclomethicome, hyaloumoic acid, glycerin.