Hydrating Lightening Cream

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Increased pigmentation is commonly associated with aging skin . As skin ages ,it become less uniform in colour , also known as splotching. Splotching is caused by uneven depositions of pigment in the outer surface of the skin . Splotching is unattractive and can be unsightly. Also Ultra Violet(UV) form the sunlight stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin . Splotching of the skin can also occur form excessive exposure to direct sunlight 

Depigmenting principles exclusive from Nuevo Cosmetic with triple actions :

-Blocks the access to Melanocyte hormono sensitive receptors responsible for the skin colouring , and therefore prevents new melanin production 

-Blocks the production of melanin  responsible for skin colouring

-Removes excess of Melanosomes  responsible for pigmentation spots 

As documented in research analysis by the medical industry, Hydroquinone is still the most effective skin lightening agent. This cream combines hydroquinone with maximum effective ratio of Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids to boost the lightening benefit and produce a highly effective skin lightening agent.

This Nuevo accelerating lightening cream has been formulated to be used in conjunction with our other Nuevo  products so patients can treat hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions simultaneously. When using a skin lightening agent, it is Imperative to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or greater (Nuevo Moisturising Anti oxidant  sunscreen  SPF 30 +). Hyperpigmentation is frequently the result of sun exposure and damage.

Apply once or twice daily, after cleansing to the affected areas and spread in an outward motion to even the lightening effect. Use Nuevo accelerating Lightening cream before moisturiser and sunscreen.

Hydroquinone, water, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, propylene glycol, hydroxyl ethyl cellulose, sodium bisulfate, EDTA.