Multiactive Day Protection Cream

Multiactive Day Protection Cream

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The Nuevo Day Protection Cream is specially formulated to provide everything you need for the daily protection of your skin , for those occasions when skin is reacting severely sensitive very dry  It can be used under make up and is formulated with advanced compounding effects allowing for maximum results.

The Nuevo Day Protection Cream includes:

i) Maximum Sun Protection Factors: To protect against UVA / UVB sun rays

ii)  Antioxidants: To protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals (from sunlight, smoke and pollution) while also promoting repair of the skin.

iii)  Alpha / Beta Hydroxy Acid Blends: To add replenishing moisture to the skin, stabilises the functions of the skin while also enhancing the absorption of the cream.


After cleansing with Nuevo Accelerating Cleansing Milk, cream should be applied sparingly all over the face. Using both palms of the hand rotate in a gentle circular motion until all the cream is absorbed. It can be used under make up if desired. Nuevo Protection Cream  provides rich moisture for dry skin as well as ageing skin, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Titanium dioxide, Zinc cote, Alpha Beta hydroxy acids in maximum effective ratio. Elegant moisturising base.