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Pigmentation Treatment Set 1( for acne skin )

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The only pigmentation treatment on the market that is 100% guaranteed. Made in Sydney by qualified clinicians with 30 years' experience.


    Morning : Clean your skin with Cleansing Milk ($65). Pad dry.

                      Apply Hydrating lightening ($95) half an hour before Day protection ($85)

    Evening: Clean the skin with Moisturising Cleansing Milk 

                    Apply evenly Night Intensive Repair ($95)

    Daily Resurfacing ($85) is used twice a week 

    Sun protection SPF 50 ($70) is a must for any outdoor activities.

    nuevo cosmetic pigmentation set

    To get a fully guaranteed result of pigmentation treatment, it is recommended to use the whole set which is composed of 6 products for the first 3 months.

      Call (02) 9728 1972 or click the "Chat With Us" button below to talk to one of our clinicians and you'll be automatically enrolled in our Money-Back Guarantee Program that fully refunds your pigmentation treatment in the unlikely even that it doesn't work for you.